Burn MEMEs to EARN

Nearly 10,000 MEMEs are issued on Solana every day, 99.99% of which will eventually return to zero value. There are countless MEME coins in everyone’s wallet, including MEME coins airdropped and traded, junk phishing NFTs.

It’s time to burn these useless MEME coins. Everyone can dump these MEME coins into the Fuel Reactor, and Charizard will use dragon breath to purify these tokens.

You only need to:

1. Connect wallet 2. Pour Token 3.Burn

and then you can mine CRZ tokens.

During this process, the protocol will automatically determine the mining intensity based on your Fuel Reactor level.

Click here to burn MEMEs:



Token Elements
Total Supply 12,960,000,000
Mining100% Mining 0% Presale
OwnershipFully community-owned


The Charizard has emerged from the depths of the Solana realm, ready to unleash its fiery dragon breath upon the world of MEME coins. By transferring your MEME coins into the fuel reactor, you're becoming art of an epic mining revolution.

Each burst of flame from the Charizard transforms your MEME coins into the fuel that powers the mining operation. The more fuel you provide, the more intense the combustion, leading to unparalleled mining efficiency.

And here's where it gets even more exciting: the profits from this mining extravaganza are directly influenced by the level of Fuel Reactor.

Let’s “Burn MEMEs to Earn.”


About Charizard

Fire breathing dragon will burn every MEME coin down!

Charizard Token is the strongest MEME. You can burn any other weak MEME coins or NFTs to obtain the Charizard Token ($CRZ) reward.

Let's burn all the MEMEs on the Solana to feed and upgrade our dragon and obtain the Charizard Token reward!

No Presale! No Private funding! No Tokenomics!

100% mining by burn MEMEs !!


War Time

We are sick of feeling like we have to apologize for our gifted wealth gravitational and walk on egg shells around deceivers and sanctimonious people.

We built a $56 billion MEME coin market from scratch in less than a decade with absolutely no DEFI professionals help and active encumbrances from centralized institutions.

Meanwhile, there are some malicious people who publish so-called deceptive MEME in an organized manner.

They give you 0 value token and rug your cryptocurrency in 30 minutes, and DEFI protocol will help them rug your cryptocurrency with impunity.

Like other early stage, transformational Blockchain markets, there are some characters, some bad actors. But mostly it's just brave MEME culture enthusiast and innovators.

Don't spit in our face and pretend you're here to save people from us.We started this movement to save people from you.

Let’s burn those worthless fake memes and realize the true value of memes.

Burn MEMEs to Earn!